My Saddest Song – Documnetary Trailer!

Please help us raise awareness to Mental Health and share this trailer for the documentary: My Saddest Song.(C).

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Nessles News- Paper Article.

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Nessles got picked up by the paper from speaking out for a good cause! Awarness for Mental Health. Her track, ‘My Saddest Song’ is a tribute to the loss of her mother.
Nessles hopes to help promote awarness.
Please stay with us and follow the journey.
A documentary is in the making. A trailer for the film will be posted soon. Thank you.

My Saddest Song – Awarness to Mental Health

Welcome, This website is to make awareness to Mental Health through a documentary titled;

My Saddest Song, the song was writen by a singer song-writer named Nessles. She wrote this song after the loss of her mother, she sadly suffered from Bipolar and took her own life.

This documentary, in the making, is to try and make awarenss to Mental Health in the hope that people will not be afraid to speak up and seek help.

We hope that you will follow our story.

Much love.